RCIA - Becoming Catholic

Becoming Catholic

We invite you to journey with us in a program of adult faith formation called RCIA - the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

Are you an adult thinking of becoming Catholic?  Would you like to know about the process of becoming Catholic?  We would like to assit you in your search for answers to any question you may have about the Catholic faith. 

Perhaps you are married to a Catholic...or you have friends who are Catholic...or you are interested in the teachings of the Church?   Maybe you have a desire to experience the sacraments of the Church? Maybe you want to know Jesus Christ more fully and are seeking God?  Whatever your path and whatever way God has called you into relationship with Jesus, we are here and happy to help you in this journey!


The Process

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is much more than a program. It is a learning process in which conversion of the heart brings one to Jesus Christ. The RCIA process emphasizes person conversion and a commitment to the Catholic way of life. 

You may be wondering, is the RCIA process for me?

The RCIA process is for four groups of people:

1. Those who were baptized in other faith traditions but now feel called to become Catholic.

2. Those who have never been baptized or do not belong to a faith tradition but now feel called to become Catholic.

3. Those who were baptized Catholic but never received Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

4. Those who have received both Catholic Baptism and First Holy Communion but never were Confirmed.

RCIA Stages of Formation:

1. Period of Inquiry: Pre-Catechumenate this is a time for inquiry and introduction of the Gospel values, and opportunity for the beginning of faith.

2. Period of the Catechumenate: This is the time for the nurturing and growth of the catchumen's faith and conversion to God.

3. Period of Purification and Enlightenment: This is the time immediately preceding the elect's initiaion. It is a time of reflection, intensely centered on conversion, marked by celebration of the scrutinies, and of the preparation rites on Holy Saturday.

4. Period of Mystagogy: This is the time, following the celebration of initiaion, during which the newly intiated experience being fully a part of the Christian community by means of pertinent catechesis and particularly by participation with all the faithful in the Sunday Eucharist celebration.

The mission of the Church is to lead people to respond to God as best they can. Through the RCIA process, we try to help people respond to God's call, not just for the moment of Baptism, bur for everyday of their life. 


Structure of RCIA classes at St. Mary Catholic Church

The sessions are free and held on Sunday mornings. A ninety-minute class is held each week in which a key topic/are of teaching of the Church is shared.  These topics include the Bible, the Sacraments, Prayer, the Mass, Mary and much much more!


For more information or to join RCIA, please contact

Deacon George Newton, Pastoral Associate

Rebecca Follett, Director of Stewardship and Evangelization